Point S 4 Seasons VAN

Point S 4 Seasons tyres for van offer a high performance for the best good value for money all year. Have a look at the sizes of our all season tyres for your van or utility vehicle!

  • 4x4
  • Utility vehicles
  • Vans
  • 4 seasons
  • All season
  • Certified by the European tyre label
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Point S 4 seasons tyres for van are designed in Germany and produced in Europe to guarantee you the best quality. We have developed these 4-season tyres for van and utility vehicle to optimise mileage performance, to provide a good snow performance and a balanced driving comfort. The Point S 4 seasons van tyres are definitely good value for money since they offer the best quality at a good price. Besides, you can be sure to travel safely with the all-season tyres as they are certified for winter (three-peak-mountain with snowflake “3PMSF” on the sidewall of the tyre).

Description of the Point S 4 Seasons Van

  • Customer target: end-consumers living in inner-city districts, or regions with a lower snowfall risk
  • Category: 4 Seasons van tyres
  • Season: all year long
  • Certification: European tyre label and certified for winter
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Benefits of the Point S 4 Seasons Van

Point S strongly recommends you to use the appropriate tyre when you have in your country extreme weather conditions. If not, we advise you the use of our Point S 4 Seasons tyres as they are safer than summer tyres in winter. Indeed, the safety in terms of braking distance and handling are better on the all-season tyres than on summer tyres.

If you need advices on how to choose the best tyres for you, please contact your nearest store.

Characteristics of the Point S 4 Seasons Van


Benefits Focus on Technology

Wet performance

- High performance on wet roads

- Good aquaplaning resistance and short braking distance on wet roads

- Step-sipes with prolonged edge length lead to a lower amount of sipes needed which in turn increase the stiffness level

- Wide lateral shoulder grooves lead to efficient water drainage

Snow performance - Improved grip on snow

- Strong braking performance on snowy roads
- Snow is trapped in the pocket and improves traction behaviour due to now-to-snow-friction

- Enhanced traction on snow due to step-shaped groove edges
Driving stability - Good directional stability and safe cornering on dry, wet and snowy roads - Ribbon structure of the pattern with tie bars in centre

- Handling rib in the shoulder improves vehicle dynamic due to stiffness distribution

Different sizes of the Point S 4 Seasons for vans or utility vehicles

Each driver is different, that is why Point S offers 5 different sizes for your van or your utility vehicle. Explore our tyre dimensions and find your ideal tyre.

Material Description

Marketing Line Fuel efficiency Wet grip External rolling noise Noise grade

195/70R15C 104/102R


205/65R16C 107/105T (103T) POINT S 4 SEASONS VAN C A 73 2
215/65R16C 106/104T POINT S 4 SEASONS VAN C A 73 2
215/65R16C 109/107T (106T) POINT S 4 SEASONS VAN C A 73 2
235/65R16C 115/113R POINT S 4 SEASONS VAN C A 73 2


The Point S 4 Seasons Van is exclusively available in our Point S points of sale. Find your nearest Point S outlet or make an appointment directly with our experts!

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